Begin an Educative Social Training

The main purpose of the project is to turn diversity into positivity, taught the value of respect for helping to break down prejudices and inner barriers, thus promoting a more proactive inclusion in social life.First, we want to create an active network on the territory. We would like therefore to leverage local stakeholders organizing public seminars focused on social and architectural obstacles. to bring as a priority action the elimination of any barriers that prevent equal access to sport activities, thereby focusing the maximum inclusion.

Second the project aims to achieve its main objective by using sport as a cross-education tool, by importing the experience of the Italian applicant, to create valid future adults who will become decision makers in the near future. The projects have planned to achieve the objectives with a structured set of activities for both abled and disabled students. Will be implemented a didactic phase which consists in awareness days and laboratories in schools and a practical phase where will take place tournaments between schools.

The Italian sport organization has promoted the project with the purpose to spread its valid methodology and experience in using sport to favor student’s personal growth and a greater social inclusion. To have a greater impact on its territory will establish an active cooperation with the Municipality of Ceccano. In Bulgaria, the ECIESC, active in skills development of young people and in encouraging the professional development of disadvantaged people, can count on a wide network of schools and on suitable trainers that enrich this project with specific skills. In Spain, the Municipality of Vinalesa, personally involved as a partner, can import this best practice and become a good example as local authorities to transform the removal of architectural and social barriers in a priority of action.